Get CASH for your assests - Sell With Us?
SpaceMan is an Independant Affiliate with Services. You can have your items sold online, at your site or at our Auction Facility. Unlike traditional auctions or eBay, is a completely different type of online auction site. They are a little bit traditional (with previews and pickups), a little bit eBay (online bidding), and something altogether different. Each event sells many assets to many buyers.

Who is behind Do-Bid, and why was it developed?
Oberfoell Auctioneers with over 3 decades of Auction Services. They have embraced the newest selling methods to provide liquidation services in a wide range of business, industrial, and other selected personal property markets. Up north here it extends the auction season 5 or 6 months and helps the folks who don't have enough assets to support a live auction.

Why should we consider a Do-Bid Online Auction?
The property is showcase though out the entire market place. They sell to the whole world!
Consignments Sales.
Highest cash recovery from your assets.
No concerns about overlaps with competing sales.
No concerns about onsite problems.
Our facility solves the no yard, no street parking, apartment living , or small office bldg.
No weather problems, are bidders are bidding from the comfort of their office or home. 

What services do you provide?
We contract with you to provide a complete auction service including set-up, digital photographs of all the items, descriptions and website posting, inspection days, conduction of sale online, collection of funds and supervision of the removal process when the sale is completed. The use of our facility, drop off service and we can offer a pick up service to fit your needs. Shipping assist information available upon request. 

How do people know about my sale?
We advertise your sale in a manner appropriate to the assets being sold. Our comprehensive High Impact Marketing campaign includes full color brochures, target direct mailings, post card mailings, email blasts, email notifications, AM Radio with your site frequency , High Impact Black Signs onsite and off site, trade publications and newspaper advertising, postings on associate and affiliate websites. Reaching the right audience heightens competition, thereby securing the best possible results.

Can I sell just one or a few items?
Yes, certain assets are well suited for individual sale.

How much does SpaceMan charge for online sales?
Our fees are flexible, and scaled to match the needs and resources of our clients.
Fees are a function of many factors including:
The total value of your assets
The number of items to be sold
The quality and condition of items
The marketing time available for sale and removal
The location of the assets
The removal requirements dictated by the landlord or clients schedule
The costs associated with a Do-Bid online auction compare favorably to an old fashioned conventional auction. In many cases we generate our commission by using a * buyers premium* which we collect from the purchaser, without any expense for the seller. The seller is usually responsible for set up costs, advertising and marketing and other direct expenses associated with the sale.

What's the time frame for a Do-Bid Online Auction?
Most projects are completed within 30 days from engagement. Emergencies can be accommodated, and the time frame moved up. Let us know your requirements. The Do-Bid system is the most flexible method you will find.

What's next?
Call upon our experience, excellent staff and best liquidation product available today. We appreciate the opportunity to discuss any liquidation need you have. Whether it's Construction equipment, machinery, vehicles, business assets or special personal property, Do-Bid will do you Right.

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